Letter from the CDLS Director-Spring 2024

As we near the end of our academic year, I have been reflecting on the challenges, joys, and hopes from this past year and my first year as the CDLS Director.  I am so thankful to the children, families, staff, and volunteers at CDLS.  Each one of you brings something unique to our community, enriching it with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.

The success we’ve achieved this year wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the CDLS teachers and administrative staff, the resilience of the children, and the support of you, and our amazing families. We appreciate all of your positivity and feedback to help us create a safe and enjoyable learning experience for the children and our University students this year.  

The heart of this school is in the community that we build here together with children and families through our shared commitment to high-quality educational experiences, using research to guide our decision-making, and infusing love and joy into each day. We look forward to continuing the journey throughout the summer and into the fall with new families joining us!