Research FAQs

After I am approved by the Lab School and the IRB how to do I start?

Contact lead teacher, preferably via email, at least one week before you plan to go into a classroom to meet the children. 

Plan to go into the classroom at least twice to establish rapport before asking children to participate in research “games.”  Once you begin running subjects, keep the lead teacher posted as to when you plan to come in to the classroom. Be sure to check to see if there are any conflicts with special events on certain days.

How do I reserve a testing room for research?

Reserve a room to conduct your study in the CDLS research suite, if needed. Lily or Britney will help you with this at the front desk or call 612-625-2273 for assistance.

What follow up with parents or guardians is necessary?

After returning the child to the classroom, put the project letter (addressed to the parent) on the clipboard with the sign out sheet OR give it directly to the lead teacher.  Each lead teacher will have their own preference about how to handle this, but ultimately the teachers will hand this letter directly to the parent at the end of the day.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have any concerns, questions or comments about your role, a child’s participation or the process, please speak with the teacher or the Director of the Laboratory School.

What do I do when I am done testing children in the Lab School?

When your research has ended (or at the end of the school year for ongoing research) complete the attached research summary form and return it to the Director of Teaching & Research, Marie Lister, This is required in order for the CDLS to submit its annual report on CDLS research activities to the IRB.