Staff Highlights

Lauren Doescher: A1, Infants

My name is Lauren Doescher and I’m the assistant teacher in A1. I started working at CDLS in 2020 as a floating teacher, and switched to working with younger infants full time in 2022. Outside of work, I foster cats, enjoy dancing, reading and being outside.

I started coaching gymnastics when I was 12 and found I absolutely loved working with kids. I had an awesome mentor who knew about cognitive development and got me interested in attending college in developmental psychology. I continue to work in this field because I love working with infants. No two days are identical and infants learn so much so quickly that they always surprise me. I’m currently working on getting my masters in infant and early childhood mental health and love seeing real world examples everyday within my classroom. I first came to CDLS as a practicum student in 2020 and was immediately captivated by the calming environment, intentional language and passion each teacher had.

CDLS is so different from other programs I’ve worked at and it seems to really have a positive impact on the children. My favorite seasons are summer and winter. I love the  warm sunny days of summer and the cold, refreshing air in winter. My favorite activity with children is anything messy- paint, mud, water – you name it. It’s so fun watching the infants explore new materials unrestricted, allowing them to experience all the sensory input in their own ways. Plus, who doesn’t love coming home covered in paint? These are always my favorite small groups to lead. 

Erin Gorski: B3, Toddlers

I attended UMNTC from 1999-2005 as an Elementary Education Major. During this time, I found my passion in teaching our youngest learners and how critical the earliest years are to development.  That is when I decided to switch my major to Early Childhood Education and focus my learning on understanding and supporting children through development from birth to grade 3.  It has been quite a journey, and I absolutely love what I do. Working with families and children is one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. I stay in the field because of the children and families. Working in partnership with families and supporting their understanding of the why behind their child’s development is the foundation of why I am still in the early childhood field. 

Also, teaching with amazing professionals at CDLS.  I believe we never stop learning, and I truly enjoy learning alongside my coworkers. I work with brilliant professionals! I love the community that we have!  It takes a village to raise amazing human beings, and we have a wonderful support system developed within our CDLS community for both families and staff! My favorite season is summer!  Warm weather and sunshine brings me so much joy 🙂 My favorite activities with children are definitely field trips and exploring around the community in the summer.  Picnics are so much fun as well.  Most of all, I enjoy simple interactions and creating play scenarios with children.  Being an active participant in their learning shapes how I support their growth and understanding as they develop into capable people.

Xai Lor: E10, Preschool

Xai Lor

Nyob zoo (Hello), my name is Xai which means girl or daughter in my native language, HMong. I went to the University of Minnesota for both my undergrad and masters degree in Early Childhood Education. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first, but really enjoyed babysitting my nieces and nephews. This realization led me to the field of Early Childhood Education. I learned so much from the classes I was enrolled in and field experience. I continued to pursue higher education in ECE. I knew that I wanted to start my teaching journey at CDLS when I fell in love with the place as a practicum student. What I love, that has kept me in this field, is the fact that I continue to learn so much from the people around me including teachers, the children and their families. CDLS is a great place for helping young children learn life skills and for me to continue to grow as an educator. 

One of my favorite activities to do with the children is engaging in a meaningful conversation or play. We can learn and feel so much from the simplicity, yet complexity of children’s thoughts. My favorite season is winter; and fall because of the colors!