Full-day: We hope to increase enrollment numbers in the Full day program over the next few months.  Sibling priority families should reach out to Troy to see if any updates are available, on projected start dates.  

If you will be leaving the program, please remember to fill out the departure form.  This helps the center bring in new families in a timely manner.   

Part-day: In the next few days we will be reaching out, via email, to current families in the part-day program to register for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are planning to enroll a new sibling, please make sure to indicate that in your response. 

Summer Programming

Families enrolled in the full-day program who are interested in a Summer Leave please reach out to Troy at tschlene@umn.edu to go over details.  We have a limited number of spots that are available each year.

Children in the part-day program who are at least 3 by January 1, 2022, are eligible to participate in the nature immersion program. Spaces are limited. Scholarships are available.  Please contact your lead teacher or Sheila for details.  All applications received by March 1 will be considered for the available spaces.