Observation procedures

General Information: The Lab School classrooms are located on the lowest level of the Child Development Building.

Morning sessions meet from 8:30-11:30 (Age ranges as of 9/1/19):

  • Group I (Room 20): Meets Tuesday and Friday
    • Ages: 2 years to 2 years 5 months
    • Lead Teacher: Ayuko Boomer; email: boome004@umn.edu
  •  Group II (Room 20): Meets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • Ages: 2 years 6 months to 3 years 2 months
    • Lead Teacher: Ayuko Boomer; email: boome004@umn.edu
  • Group III (Room 50): Meets Monday – Friday
    • Ages: 3 years 1 month to 4 years 11 months
    • Lead Teacher: Alyssa Wilt; email: wiltx013@umn.edu
  • Group IV (Room 12): Meets Monday – Friday
    • Ages: 3 years 1 month to 5 years 2 months
    • Lead Teacher: Amy Betz; email: amybetz@umn.edu

Afternoon sessions meet from 12:30-3:30 (Age ranges as of 9/1/19):

  • Group I (Room 50): Meets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • Ages: 3 years 1 month to 5 years 1 month
    • Lead Teacher: Marie Lister; email: list0019@umn.edu
  • Group II (Room 12): Meets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


  1. All observation booth doors have 4 steps and are labeled. Observation booth doors are locked at all times.
  2. Current staff and currently enrolled students who are observing more than once during a semester can request pre-approval to gain entry using a U Card. Please contact Amy Pieren at piere001@umn.edu at least one week in advance of your visit
  3. If you do not have pre-approval, please visit room 10 to have a staff person open the booth door for you.
  4. A directory denoting the children and their ages, and an approximate daily schedule are posted in each booth.
  5. Enter booths as quietly and inconspicuously as possible and sign in upon entering. If it seems necessary to move about or to stand while observing, feel free to do so, but be inconspicuous. Do not speak to fellow observers.
  6. If you need information from a teacher or student teacher obtain it before or after school.
  7. Booths are to be used only when children are in the classroom; staff uses the time before and after class for discussion of individual children’s needs and this information is confidential.

Playground and The Gym (room 40)

  1. The children use two playgrounds. Group I and II in the morning generally use the fenced area just West of the main Lab School doors. All other groups generally use the playground located just North of the Lab School.
  2. On the playgrounds use the benches or stand along the sides near the fence or building.
  3. Children regularly play in the gym (room 40). Observers may watch from the sides of the room.
  4. Remain in the background as much as possible. If a child asks you a question, answer briefly and do not continue the conversation. Do not initiate contact with a child.


  1. If you have questions while you are visiting, or about activities in the school please contact the Lab School Director, Sheila Williams Ridge, in room 10. She can also be reached at 612-624- 9543 or will034@umn.edu.
  2. Written comments, questions or suggestions concerning the program are responded to and appreciated.