Highlights from Week of the Young Child

Music Monday

For Music Monday, there was a “Dance Party” set up the Multipurpose room and classes visited throughout the day.  It was great fun!

Most children enjoyed moving their bodies and props to the music. Even Justin, in the kitchen, joined in the fun!

We played familiar hits like, “We Are The Dinosaurs” and oldies like, “What Does the Fox Say?”

You may find our two playlists on Spotify. Search for “B4” and “Kids Dance Party”, both by Britney.

Tasty Tuesday

Today, we all enjoyed popsicles.  Some classes did additional activities.  In D8, children had the opportunity to explore different taste buds: Salty, Bitter, and Sour.  The popsicle was Sweet.  

The first taste bud we explored was salty. Many children immediately knew it was the chips. Before tasting we used our other senses to explore it. We used our executive functioning skills to wait as a group to taste it. The children did a remarkably great job at this. Here are some of their observations on chips before remarkably great job at this. Here are some of their observations on chips before tasting.

“The chip feels bumpy.” Elio

“Wobbly.” Mason

A small group had a funny conversation about the chips shape.

“A circle!” Anders

“No, like a cucumber.” Whitney (referring to the shape)

“Two eyes.” Amani

“Cat eyes.” Lulu

They tasted in small groups.

“Crunchy.” Many heard and noticed.

“Salty.” Roman

The next taste bud we explored was bitter.  Immediately Roman knew what it was. “Seaweed, I eat that at home.” Again, we waited before tasting, using our other senses. Here are some of their comments.

“Like grass!” Elio

“I don’t like it.” Sophia P

“Smelly.” Paige

“It smells sandy, like from the beach. It’s from the beach.” Abbie

“Sand and water.” Aria

“Feels like paper. Do you know that I love this thing, it’s very gross.” Amani

The last taste bud was sour. Most children were so excited about the lemons. Here are some comments during the lemon tasting.

“Smells orangy.” Paige

“Sour juice.” Jack

“Lemon juice.” Whitney

“Feels wet and juicy, slippery.” Abbie

After tasting, children had different reactions. However, many children couldn’t stop eating it, even if they said they didn’t like it.

“So sour.” Mason

“I like it.” Sophia H

“Gives me the shivers.” Amani

Work-together Wednesday

The children of Bungalow B and Bungalow E worked together to build bird feeders for their outdoor spaces. Each toddler was paired up with either one, or two, preschoolers to formulate a plan on how to construct the square. Teachers and preschoolers modeled building techniques for the toddlers.

Miles said, “my glue” when reaching for the cup of glue. 

When completing their bird feeder, Cora said, “We’re all done.”

Beverley narrated that they were building the walls, to which Sunday replied, “Yeah. Build walls.”

This activity extends the toddlers’ current interest in birds, nature, and gardening and the preschoolers’ interest in building and engineering structures. It also supports their sense of community and develops their relationships with new peers and adults.

Another group of children worked hard cleaning some of their most beloved play materials. Using soapy water, sponges and brushes; they enjoyed washing items outside on such a beautiful day.

Thank you for taking great care of our school supplies!

Artsy Thursday

For Artsy Thursday we enjoyed a show from a local Irish Dance Studio,  Rince Na Chroi

One of our preschool children, Evie, is taking lessons and wanted to share her new experience with the school. 

It was exciting to see their traditional costumes and dance. 

Thank you to Evie, Soibhan George, and all the talented dancers.

Family Friday

To celebrate the final day of Week of the Young Child, classes enjoyed Music with Frances in the Multipurpose room.  Frances is a former lab school teacher and beloved music teacher.  This was a hands-on, music-making experience. 

There were also spring scavenger hunts available at the front desk and some classes made a special keepsake for their grown-ups.  Thank you for celebrating young children with us this past week and thank you for all that you do to support your children and our greater CDLS community!