Dakhóta Iápi Wahóȟpi

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, stands on Miní Sóta Makhóčhe, the land of the Dakhóta Oyáte. The Dakhóta Iápi Wahóȟpi (Dakota Language Nest) classroom is located near the multi-purpose room. Our new staff (Brenda, Justis, and Anke) are eager to meet everyone and share this new part of our program with you! 

We know that some people are unfamiliar with the Dakota language or may have questions about how to interact with the Language Nest since it will be conducted in the Dakota language. The teachers have created a short course to explain the context of the Dakota people, the Nest, and how you as CLDS family members can support the success of the program. The mini-course can be reviewed at your own pace and includes the Dakota basic phrases you’ll need to interact with children and staff in the Dakota language. Please take some time to check it out. You can view the materials here. 

Wóphida for your interest in learning more!