Sheila Williams Ridge published the Environmental Kinship Guide, an international project

Sheila Williams Ridge, co-director of the Child Development Laboratory School, has recently published the Environmental Kinship Guide and launched a corresponding website. Environmental kinship is based on the understanding that everything in the natural world is interrelated and that humans are a part of this as cohabiters. In early childhood children can learn about, in, with and for nature to further their development and to become lifelong guardians of the natural world. For the project six educators from around the world came together to share their expertise on nature-based learning. The guide offers educators practical examples for implementing nature-based learning into their curriculum. Additionally, the project focuses on building an international community in which educators can share intentional practices from a variety of places, cultures, population densities, and communities. Through this dialog they hope to foster environmental kinship in the early years and open up international conversations surrounding nature-based learning.