Children in line outside

How to get involved

There are many opportunities for collaboration and participation throughout the school year. We encourage parents to take full advantage of being part of our community.

Class participation

We invite parents to visit or observe their child’s classroom at any time. We also welcome parents to use the observation booths to observe other classes.

Classroom involvement can be spontaneous and informal, or arranged on a regular basis. For example, parents may:

  • facilitate special activities;
  • share a special talent or interest;
  • drive for field trips;
  • prepare a snack with the children at school;
  • or read stories.

Each lead teacher has their own approach to organizing parent involvement. You may also contact your child’s teacher about how to get involved. Through coordination, we strive to balance supporting children and helping them achieve independence while at school.

As a parent, you also may consider volunteering to work with lead teachers as a “Room Parent”. Room parents support teachers in many ways, such as:

  • helping to organize class events;
  • welcoming new families who join the class;
  • helping children create “good-bye gifts” for departing teacher candidates; and
  • participating in classroom projects as needed.

Parent Association of the Lab School (PALS)

PALS meets three to four times per year. PALS supports the school by:

  • organizing fundraising events;
  • creating opportunities for socializing;
  • and supporting classroom teachers and staff.

How to join

Parent education

We offer opportunities for parent education and support. Once or twice a year, we invite an expert to give talks on topics of interest.

We also host informal discussion groups several times each year. Discussion group meetings include a short presentation and an opportunity to ask questions.


The Lab School has two committees that may offer another volunteer opportunity:

  • Operations committee: helps make school policy decisions and hire new staff
  • Repair committee: repairs and refurbishes toys, books, equipment, etc., as needed.

All-school social events

Gym Jam

There are many opportunities to get together with staff and other families throughout the year. We strive to offer opportunities that match families’ interests and schedules.

Recent all-school social events include:

  • Back–to-School Play Date at Van Cleve Park
  • Parent Information Night
  • Gym Jam at Bierman Indoor Football Field
  • Family Creativity Night
  • Spring Soiree for adult friends of the Lab School
  • All School End-of-the-Year Pizza Party with the Teddy Bear Band

Celebrating holidays at school

We believe that the most developmentally and culturally appropriate way to celebrate holidays is to allow families to determine how they wish to interpret and celebrate holidays at home.

We do not celebrate holidays at school in a way that adds expectations for children or families to take part in special holiday activities.

However, we welcome families to share traditions that make their holiday celebrations meaningful at home. If you or your family wishes to do so, please talk to your child’s teacher in advance.