Regular communication between our staff and your family is critical to your child’s success at school. Here are some of the ways our teachers will communicate with you.

Home or classroom visit

We schedule a home or classroom visit for all children and their families before the fall session begins or before enrollment. This meeting allows the child and family to get to know their teacher. It also gives parents and teachers an opportunity to exchange information.


Lead teachers schedule conferences for October and February. Conferences allow parents and teachers to meet privately and share information about a child’s development at home and at school. It’s also a time when we establish goals for each child’s cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and physical development. Parents or teachers may also request a conference at any time during the year. Whenever possible, we encourage both parents to attend conferences.

Daily communication

Daily communication can take place at drop off and pick up times. Plan to take time periodically for a brief discussion of your child’s activities at home or at school. For longer discussions, we encourage you to email, or arrange a phone call or conference.

Weekly updates

We post weekly plans, small group news, and daily announcements for each class on our website, or send them home via email. We also post plans outside of each classroom.

Receive notifications

Receive notifications from the Lab School via One Call Now, a secure messaging system. You can update your contact information at any time.

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