Annual tuition rates for 2021-22

Two-day, 2 year-old morning class


Three-day, 2 year-old morning class


Multi-aged five-morning class


Multi-aged three-afternoon class


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Tuition assistance

The Lab School’s Alex P. Galle Scholarship Fund provides need-based tuition assistance for 20% – 50% of tuition cost for qualifying families. Eligibility is based on household size using the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the most recent tax year.

Our scholarships are provided through the generosity of donors. Funds are limited, and some families that qualify may not receive assistance. Contact for more information and a scholarship application.

The Minnesota Department of Education offers Pathways Early Learning Scholarships directly to families who meet eligibility requirements.

We also accept payments from the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

Tuition payment policies

Tuition billing and payment processes have changed for the 2020-21 school year due to COVID-19 pandemic operations. Families will be given current tuition payment information upon enrollment.

Tuition is charged on an annual basis for the academic year and covers all days the program is in operation. Each family is responsible for paying tuition regardless of their child’s daily attendance.

Tuition is due in full on August 15. Parents/guardians can choose to make two (paid in August and February) or nine (paid monthly) equal installments at no additional cost. Parents are asked to select a payment plan in mid-May and have until June 30 to respond.

The first payment must be received by August 15 or your child’s placement will be forfeited. After that, tuition must be paid by the date indicated on the invoice. There is a 10-day grace period for payments, after which customer accounts will be assessed a $20 late payment fee. A space may be reassigned if a balance remains unpaid for more than 45 days.

If paying tuition poses a hardship or extenuating circumstances prevent tuition from being paid on time, please contact to discuss your options for payment and to avoid being charged a late-payment fee.