Community connections

Are you a member of the early childhood education or research community? We’d love to work with you! We invite you to review the opportunities and resources below.


Observation booths are adjacent to each Lab School classroom. Graduate students and faculty use booths to conduct naturalistic observations. Parents and community members also are welcome to observe when classes are in session.

Interested in observing at the Lab School? Email the Lab School Director Sheila Williams Ridge at

Preparing for your visit? Access our observation procedures.

Classroom pages

Each week, our teachers document their projects and curriculum. They share information about:

  • daily schedules;
  • weekly plans;
  • weekly documentation; and
  • projects.


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Ayuko Boomer: 2 mornings, 2 yr olds

Ayuko Boomer: 3 mornings, 3 yr olds

Marie Lister: 3 afternoons, 3-5 yr olds

Pam Miller: 3 afternoons, 3-5 yr olds

Meg Thomas: 5 mornings, 3-5 yr olds

Amy Betz: 5 mornings, 3-5 yr olds

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