Gearing Up for Cooler Weather

Winter is coming! Please continue sending your child with a few extra layers of clothing, especially a windproof layer. Here is our recommended list of outerwear for the days between 20-40 degrees, additional recommendations for children that tend to be colder outdoors, snowy days, or for temperatures under 20 degrees are in italics:

  • Warm hat that covers ears
  • Fleece neck gaiter or balaclava
  • 3 upper layers: for example: thermal base layer, t-shirt, sweater/sweatshirt, and waterproof insulated jacket 
  • Waterproof insulated mittens
  • 2 lower layers: for example: fleece insulated jeans and rain pants, pants and snow pants or thermal base layer, leggings, and snowpants.
  • Warmer socks (wool or synthetic- cotton is not recommended)
  • Winter boots with insulation

If you have any questions about weather or gear, please contact Sheila at Thank you for all that you do in support of this level of engagement with learning and exploration!