Fall Newsletter Welcome Oct/Nov 2020


Fall is in full bloom and the Lab School children and teachers (and the turkeys) are immersed in this place we call home. We have had so many warm fall days, but cooler temperatures have arrived. There is some information below on outerwear for the season. We are also working on preparing our indoor spaces following best practices for COVID prevention as the cold weather approaches. We are planning on adding air filtration to the indoor spaces so that they can occasionally be used in case of inclement weather as we approach winter. As we are navigating through this semester, due to the cold weather, we will be making necessary changes to the check-in process that were discussed at the PALS meeting.  

1) Instead of asking children to take their mittens off to wash hands outside, we’ll be spraying children’s mittens with our sanitizing spray when they arrive at school. We’ll continue to have the sinks on the playground for times when mittens come off and hand washing makes sense. 

2) Please check your child’s temperature at home, before arriving at school. The outdoor thermometers don’t work under 50 degrees. We’ll include a question about your child’s temp that day when we ask you about COVID symptoms at check-in. As a reminder, children should stay home if their temperature is 100 degrees or more. 

The office phones are working, so please call us at 612-624-9543 if you have an emergency, will be late picking up, or if your child will be absent.

We are also working on some winter-friendly snacks. Please feel free to add your ideas here.