Director’s Welcome: Winter 2020

by Sheila Williams Ridge

Sheila Williams Ridge Headshot

Welcome back to the spring semester at the Lab School.  After the winter break, the new student teachers and our staff are excited to explore, learn, and grow along with your children. Our newsletter is full of information that we hope families find helpful.  We have an exceptional speaker for our Parent Education Series this spring Dr. David Walsh, who also happens to be a Lab School family member!  We have some wonderful winter activities in the creativity section and the Kid’s Corner.  We also have some information about helping children understand and stay safe when it comes to germs in our Health and Safety section.  The chair of the PALS (Parent Association of the Lab School) group shares a couple of upcoming events as well as some information on the new lab school building and unification process, which has its own separate update section.

You received an email update on the program from the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development this week about the new position that will oversee the overall unified program.  This new faculty leader will expand our role in the University, but for families and children, and the University students, the program will continue to provide the experiences and quality that the community has come to trust from the Shirley G. Moore Laboratory School.  We will continue to offer the same class offerings, class sizes, and be open to community families.  All of your placement preferences will continue to be honored once the unified program begins in the fall of 2021 (expected date of completion).  You can stay up to date on the process by visiting the unification website at

As always, there are lots of amazing events coming up at the Lab School, please see our upcoming events section for more details.  We hope to see you at some of the spring events soon, and we thank you for your time, trust, and confidence.