Winter greetings

What a wonderful community at the Lab School! Your care and engagement make the Lab School community so amazing. We are all so grateful to have an opportunity to be on this educational journey with you.

Sheila Williams Ridge Headshot
Sheila Williams Ridge

In December, your donations to the Student Parent Help center made a big difference in the lives of families in our University community. Thank you for your generosity and for your support of our community and a special thank you to Sarah McPhail for coordinating the effort.

Thank you to all of our volunteers throughout the school. Your help with washing dishes, getting children ready for the outdoors, adding books to the library catalog online, and so many other tasks are incredibly valuable to our community. We are still looking for more volunteers, so please contact any of the Lab School staff if you’d like to help out.

Coming up soon we will have Gym Jam and the Spring Soiree. If you are interested in getting involved in an event, refinishing a table that was damaged in the fall, or building snow forts on the playground, we’d enjoy a helping hand.

Other ways to support the Lab School

Attend the PALS meeting in February to learn about the new building/integrated school project and ways to get involved.  

  • Want to make a monetary gift to the Lab School? You can always do so online.
  • If you are shopping for sustainable goods you can shop here and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Lab School.
  • Please donate your empty printer cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops to our school and we’ll take it from there! We will recycle the cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops through FundingFactory to earn new technology and/or recreational equipment. Cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops can be dropped off in room 10.