Response to survey

By Sheila Williams Ridge

Thank you, families, for your feedback on our online mid-year survey and for the outpouring of support for the program noting that we had 47 families participate, nearly half of our community. We work hard each day to provide a wonderful and engaging experience for your child and hope you feel like a partner in this endeavor.  

We have noted that about 98 percent of responses agreed or strongly agreed in the areas of a welcoming classroom and 100 percent of families agreed that your lead teacher understands child development and enjoys children.  Many families gave high kudos to individual teachers. Those, as well as any critiques, are shared with teachers and are used to scaffold our improvement.

We did have several families choose the “neither agree or disagree” and “not enough information” answers, higher than in past surveys, so we want to be sure we are providing enough information to our families about the program regularly. We value your input and hope that if you gain any further insight or have more to share, please call or email Sheila or stop by the office.  

Our school has a four-star rating through Parent Aware, the highest possible rating, and we will continue to strive for the best program possible. Our accreditation by NAEYC demonstrates that we meet the 10 Early Learning Program Standards and Criteria. A list of those criteria is posted in the hallway at the Lab School and can also be found here. Together with state licensing, our Parent Aware rating, and your survey responses, we hope to meet all of the needs for your child’s preschool education experience.