Let your voice be heard

By Pam Miller 

Since the elections last November, there has been a lot of change in federal and state offices. Notable and exciting changes for children and families have happened here in Minnesota with a new governor and lieutenant governor who want to make young children a priority in the next couple of years. 

The state legislative session started in early January and many great things are happening for children and families, such as a push for increased funding for early childhood. There are other ways you can make your voice heard. One way is to find who represents you in the Minnesota state senate and house of representatives and call, email, or visit them in person. Even a message as simple as letting him/her know that children and families are important to you will be heard. You can visit this page to find out who represents you.  

Another way to get involved is to learn more about the many organizations that work to improve the lives of children and families in the state. These organizations advocate for policies that range from parental and medical leave to child care scholarships to alleviating poverty in the Twin Cities and around the state. Some examples include Think SmallChildren’s Defense Fund, and Child Care Aware. These and other organizations have events that you can attend and many other ways to get involved to help improve the lives of children, families, and those who serve them.