Student Teaching at the Lab School

An important part of the Lab School’s mission is to prepare university students in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree programs for their future careers. All ECE students are required to spend 15 weeks student teaching at the school in order to complete their degrees. Typically this student teaching experience happens during the final semester of their program, so the knowledge acquired during their academic coursework can be applied throughout this hands-on experience in the classroom. We asked our fall semester teaching candidates their thoughts on their first few weeks at the Lab School:

Marie’s Class


It has been exhausting. It has also been exciting, wonderful, and lovely working with all of the children. Learning about them and guiding them to have conversations has always been my favorite part of working with children, and all of the children in Marie’s class have been funny and interesting to talk with. I am excited for the rest of the semester.


It has been so much fun to be at the Lab School this fall! It is such a unique and nurturing space where every child can grow to be the best person they can be. I have had a wonderful time getting to know all of the children in my classroom, and they make me excited to be there with them for the rest of the semester. We are going to have so much fun!

Pam’s Class


Student teaching at the Lab School has been an eye opening and wonderful experience thus far. I am really enjoying getting to know each child and their interests. I can’t wait to continue the relationship building throughout the semester through field trips, small groups, and exploring and navigating the classroom and playground with them!


It is so fun to be back in the classroom with all of the children. We are learning the daily routine and really getting to know each other. I love to watch all the friendships forming and the new skills developing.

Meg’s Class


I have loved getting to know all of the students! I feel like I have been able to get to spend time with each child one on one.  Getting to explore the playground with the students is so much fun,  one of my favorite things to do so far!  I have learned a lot about trains, spent time in the water table, and made many different things with playdough. I can’t wait to see what happens this year and I’m excited to learn with everyone!


School has been great so far. We have lots of kinesthetic learners in our class so we have been learning how to plan for individual learning styles as well as interests. Overall it has been great!

Ayuko’s Class


I feel very excited to play with these kids and they are so amazing. They can solve problems by themselves.  They are also brave when they meet problems. They are so sweet and want to do favors for you and share their favorite toys with you. They are so creative and express themselves through painting and drawing. How wonderful these kids are!


I have really enjoyed getting to know the students in both of my classrooms these past two weeks. Everyone is becoming more familiar with one another and also with our daily routines within the classrooms. This is my first experience working (consistently) within a classroom as a lead figure for the students. I am learning so much already and can only imagine how much growth I will have experienced by the end of this semester. I’m excited to get to know everyone more as we continue this school year!

Amy’s Class


I found everything is going on very well so far. Some kids are getting more comfortable in the classroom since this is already in the second week. I like to talk to children and help children as well. Some of them would spark inspiration through playing and these moments are amazing.


It has been very exciting to finally start taking on the role of student teacher at the Lab School after spending a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a teacher during my coursework. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children and their families so far and am looking forward to what is to come this semester.


Amy VavrickaBy Amy Betz