Health and safety for spring and summer

We are so ready for spring to arrive and happily await warmer days, but as Charles Dickens once said, “Nature gives to every time and season some beauty of its own.”

For winter, that beauty is in the snow-covered grounds, the absence of biting insects, and the ability to put on many layers to warm ourselves.

Spring and summer both hold their own beauty and their own challenges. As you have no doubt experienced already this year, learning about spring can be a messy business. The mud and grass stains, the wet boots, coats, mittens, hats, etc. create loads of laundry and wet car seats. With summer, there may be stains and stings, but also immense joy and learning.

Here are a few helpful suggestions for the spring and summer at the Lab School.

  • label everything
  • rain pants are a great investment
  • send in labeled sunscreen and insect repellant to be applied before we head outside
  • lightweight and lightly colored pants help deter insects and provide a sun barrier

Visit NAEYC to learn more about the benefits of time outdoors.