Parent education: Developmentally appropriate uses of technology in early childhood

By Ayuko Boomer

There will be a Parent Education session coming up on Tuesday, March 27 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Our special guest presenter will be Erin Walsh! Not only is she is Lab School parent, she is a renowned speaker and parent educator from Mind Positive Parenting. Erin will be giving a presentation titled: Is There An App For That? Developmentally Appropriate Uses of Technology in Early Childhood.

The youngest among us are no strangers to digital technology. One-third of children under three years of age go online daily and 28 percent of children under two have televisions in their bedrooms. Families are getting conflicting advice about the impact of these technologies– on one hand companies promise that media can boost their children’s intelligence while on the other America’s pediatricians urge parents to limit screen time in the early years.

In this presentation, Erin Walsh explores the latest research on the power and impact of screen time in early childhood and shares the ingredients that young children need to thrive in a world dominated by screens. Using stories and warm humor, she helps parents identify ways to use technology and media to support children’s learning and development.

Child care will be provided during the meeting. So mark your calendars – you will enjoy this!